About Us


Noramericast is a small start-up project initiated by a group of people wanting to deliver relevant and good looking content: we believe we are living a new revolution in our age through this ever expanding experience that is internet and the new smart technology. Hence our name, we take particular interest on the North-American culture, that has become increasingly connected to high-technology, corporatism, internet, celebrities and social networks.

Despite being a brand that wants to identify itself with original, trust-worthy content, we like to share stories we feel close to and concerned about, and most importantly we aim to deliver you the best informative and entertaining experience we can. We do believe that not only we must inform you to help you keep up with current technological developments, but that we must be entertaining and not without shocking you and making you think about the potential of our future and all issues involved.

We believe that using our site should be a mind-stimulating experience, and thus all our content is guaranteed 24/7 free-access and will always be. Come over, read our articles and watch our visual content on your desktop, at school, on lunch break at the office, on your iPhone or your tablet at your coffee break or before going to bed: come explore our website as you are.

We believe in a world that not only has become internationaly relevant, but has become a reality nationaly; we believe in a world where people from all race, creed, gender, nationality, sexual orientation and identity should be included and respected.

We are aware that many internet users don’t like advertisement. With that in mind, we do apologize for the inconvenience that may cause. However, delivering advertisement is an important part of our business plan and is a great way for us to fund our projects and journalists in order to give you a better experience. You are ultimately the most important part of the team; with your user engagement, you will be the one telling us what is interesting, what is relevant and what is important to report about. We do believe we will attract the best high quality user traffic (yes that is you) that will enable us to be among the most relevant news website on the web.