facebook for microsoft sdk

Microsoft wants Facebook Integration into Win 10 Apps

The relationship between Microsoft and Facebook started back in early days when Microsoft became an early investor of today’s biggest social media network with a buy-up of 250 millions.

Today, the friendship continues with Microsoft making available SDK (software developer kit) for facebook, a tool for developing Windows apps for desktop and mobile OS.

The new SDK will make possible to easily integrate Facebook’s functions such as Auth and Like into apps working on Windows 8 and the much-awaited Windows 10, set to be released on July 29th.

facebook microsoft sdkThe strategy here is of course for Microsoft to see as much applications as possible developed for Windows 10 when it’s going to hit the shelves at the end of the month.

Applications is the nerve of the war, determining how people really use a device and an operating system, and without them Windows 10 could very well fail to gain the momentum Microsoft wants it to. Facilitating the integrating of a popular brand such as Facebook will certainly encourage users to not only develop applications, but to start using them. #Microsoft

Here’s a preview of Windows 10 from The Windows team’s Youtube Channel: