Brooke Candy – A Study in Duality (Instrumental)

A study in Duality by recording artist Brooke Candy. The song is not featured on her latest album ‘Opulence’ and is instrumental. Opulence was released on May 6th, 2014, and this leatest video-clip release could hint that a new album from her is in the plan to be released.

Brooke Candy is well known for having worked with others recording artists such as Grimes and Sia. Candy went to fame by releasing independently her first 3 songs “Das Me”, “Everybody Does”, and “I Wanna **** Right Now” on YouTube. Everybody Does was produced by Wired Magazine’s studio (Video available below).

The subject of this video-clip is about duality, a topic Candy is saying she’s really interested in.

Director : Lil Internet & Brooke Candy
Producer : Coleen Haynes from MAAVVEN
Music By: More Mega
Studio: RCA Records (Sony)

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