The Internet of Things according to Oracle

oracle IoT challenges b

Oracle has always been a pioneer in computing and has certainly no intention to miss the Internet of things train. Here’s Oracle promotional video that tackles what they think about the Internet of Things.

According to Oracle, the IoT will create a tremendous amount of opportunities for businesses, individuals and software and hardware developers.

But just like everything new technology, opportunity can come with challenges, at every level from devices to data transmission. Among them, Oracle identifies three important one: Complexity, scalability and of course, security.

Some Oracle facts about the IoT:

– 80% Doctor uses mobile and by 2018 the Internet of Things will allow 19 million patients to be monitored;

– By 2020, 1.53 billion devices will be managed by utilities;

– Since the introduction of beacons, interaction with users that receive beacons notification increased by 19%

And much more. Watch the video above! #InternetOfThings