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The Hunger Games Website migrates to .Movie Domain

With the fast paced growth of the Internet, the need for new top-level suffixes for domain name became evident and a whole new inventory has recently been approved by ICANN, the body that supervises the domain name system. The Hunger Games franchise exploited this opportunity and recently moved its promotional website to a dot-movie domain from its previous dot-com property.

Along with the HG new dot-movie website, the dot-pn domain name is being use inside the website for promotional purpose. The dot-pn name belong to the Pitcairn Islands, a small British Oversees Territory in the Pacific ocean between Australia and South America. The popular franchise is using it as standing for the official domain of the Panem nation, the fictional country of the Hunger Games.

The trend of using new, strong and original domain names will increasingly grow, as many wanted dot-com and dot-org are already in use. There is no more 5 letters and below dot-com available at the moment without purchasing from someone that has already registred it. This is a good opportunity to secure short and sharp domain names as a lot of new suffixes are and will now be in circulation.

The HG franchise is not the only movie taking advantage of this: Selfless, the new release from Focus Features is using, a dot-life domain to promote its campaign.

It is also the occasion for people that like to domain name hack to register new unusual names. Domain hacking is when a domain name is bended and includes the suffixe to form a desired complete name. A good exemple of a hacked name would be, a Swiss domain.

Webmasters in need of domain names for URL shortening, like, a Libyan domain, will now have more options to choose from.

The creation of hundred of new domain name along the liberalization of the existing ones is announcing a large expansion of the Internet that will render it way more complex and vast. As of now, for the newbies and seniors wanting to learn how to use the Internet, the task might be a little more hard to achieve. But we’ll be there to help them out. It’s just some characters in the navigation bar, right? #TheHungerGames