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NASA Wants to Monitor All U.S. Drones

American space agency NASA, according to different sources, is currently working with at least one communication company to develop a monitoring system for commercial and civilian drones used in the U.S. The system will allow the NASA to manage air traffic and track drones using radar, satellites or cellular signals. NASA’s first partner is Verizon, and it is likely that other carriers will join the project for what would be the most complete system to identify and locate drones.

Since the market is pretty young and that drone flying is more or less regulated, NASA initiative, funded to the tune of 500 000$, comes as a future framework to build on for manufacturers, consumers and authorities. For now, NASA mainly wants to use cellphone tower as a starting point to track drones, but more means will be used in the coming years as the drone technology will evolve as well, and sooner than later will likely integrate a new standard to communicate its exact location.

Some of the objectives of the new program concern security related to flying a drone in sensitive places like the previous event where a man crashed a DJI Phantom on the White House lawn. The program would also most likely enforce the regulations U.S. government wishes to implement such as flying hours and maximum speed limit.

Under this proposed FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) bill, flying a drone would only be allowed on daylight hours and the allowed speed restricted to 100 mph. While the speed limit seems pretty fair, the daylight hours side of the drafted bill is more hard to figure as daylight hours vary depending on your time zone. The exact nature of the concept of daylight hours is also quite difficult to pinpoint.

NASA says the monitoring system will help to avoid collisions between drones and allow an operator’s stranded drone to land in harsh weather conditions. Google and Amazon are part of the program and agreed to share data from their own drone program and committed money to help fund the initiative.

This news from NASA reveals the U.S. government believes the amount of drones flying in the air could dramatically increases in the coming years. The program seems to aim above all to implement security in what could become an important sphere of activity in the US. #Drones