Go Led Connected BackPack from Port Design

go led smart bag

For most people living in the city, biking is part of our realm whether we have to share the road with bikes or if we ride bicycles ourselves.

On the streets, visual and acoustic communication are key to avoid accident, and French bag maker Port Designs decided to introduce the Go Led, a connected bag that helps increase security for bikers in the city.

go led remote controlThe bag works with a wireless control that you peg to your handlebars. You then press buttons to signal the direction you want to go, if you going straight ahead or if you have to slow down. The slow down signal is represented by a red exclamation mark.

It was found that a majority of road accidents involving bicyles occurs at street intersections. As such, Port Design stresses the main goal of its smart bag: be seen.

Although the features of this new bag are limited for now, it paves the way for more technology integration to the world of bicycling. Many application like fitness monitoring, GPS or live feed could be developed and used in the area of bicycle. After all, the possibilities are about as numerous as the opportunities brought by the connected car.

There is a similar smart backpack sold in the U.S. that syncronize with your phone’s GPS and automatically makes the signals for you but it implies that you need to enter your itinerary into an app and follow it. #Wearable