Reddit Users Flocking Away from Website?

Reddit, the content and link sharing website among the most popular online destinations, surprised the internet world and proceeded with the ban of 5 subreddits, among them the controversial fat people shaming topic (/r/fatpeoplehate).

As Noramericast reported last March, Reddit was already on the way of reform when the popular website hardened its rules about revenge porn and the leaking of nude pictures from high profile people working in the music and film industry.

But now, Reddit went further by identifying 5 subreddits they think are problematic and effectively banning them. The move is said to be motivated by Reddit’s intention to not allow the website to be a harrassement-enabling platform in the wake of its new guidelines implemented since the hiring of Ellen Pao as interim CEO.

fatpeoplehate banned greetingReddit users that felt molested by this decision took their ball and went to European website, a kind of Swiss version of Reddit, and reproduced the controversial fat-people-hate subreddit. As a result, Voat, that clearly wasn’t technologically prepared for this type of demand, couldn’t handle the new traffic load and is been unavailable since then.

Moreover, a group of redditors have started a petition on demanding that Ellen Pao, Reddit new number 1 since November 13th, 2014, be removed or steps down from Reddit’s board. The petition is now at 10 000 signatures plus. Pao’s situation is thus fragilized as she is acting as interim CEO.

Reddit is said to be the home of around 9000 subreddits-communities. The website didn’t disclose the identity of the 4 other subreddits but says the only one that had more than 5000 subscribers is fat-people-hate, standing at time of closure at around 151 000 members.

We will try to update this article as soon as we discover the identity of the 4 other banned community. #Reddit

**UPDATE: Here’s the 5 original subforums that were removed altogheter on June 10th following Reddit new reinforced guidelines:



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