google self-drinving car smart car driveless car test testing mountain view california

Google Self-Driving Car in Road Test this Summer

Google will start testing Driverless car in Mountain View this summer in route to relieve what the company calls ”the burden of driving”. Google got the attention of the global automobile industry in 2010 when it announced it would put efforts into developing a self-driving car. Now the web giant moves another step forward in its project by starting road tests on public streets in California.

Google’s smart car technology was extensively tested in dedicated facilities for the past few years. The next summer tests will involve test drivers, a capped 25mph speed and the possibility for drivers to take over the car. The pods will include a removable steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedals. There will be 25 cars built and tested before Google extends this number to 100 and starts harder road tests in wetter and hillier area.

The road test areas will be around Mountain View and in places that Google has specifically mapped for this intent. The pod is powered by a battery with 128 hours in autonomy.

Sergei Brin insists Google doesn’t want to be a car company but instead is working to develop technologies that could be use by automakers in partnership with them.

Google’s main goal in this adventure is to contribute to its mission of improving lives. The tech company states that around 94 percent of road accident are caused by human errors that could be avoided with sufficiently advanced technology.