Chromebit the HDMI Stick to Upgrade your TV to Smart Device

Google released today the Asus ChromeBit, a stick with a live version of ChromeOS that when plugged in a HDMI port of any monitor starts working its wonders. When plugged, the stick developed with ASUS transforms your TV or screen into a fully operational computer. The stick in itself is the computer that you plug on a monitor, so in other words you can bring it everywhere you go and the only thing you need is a screen equipped with HDMI.

google chromebit asus hdmi stick chromeOS

It is pretty much a breaktrough in mobility, thought you still need a keyboard and a mouse unless the monitor is touch capable! We believe touch screen will be about everywhere in the near future which could help further the developement of that highly mobile type of device. This product looks a lot like live USB keys installations with an operating system booting at start-up on a desktop’s USB port.

One of the most interesting application possible is to plug it in large TV screen rendering the whole thing Smart TV. The Chromebit will be available this summer for the small price of 100$.

google chromebit asus hdmi stick chromeOS

Google announces Google Chromebit Chrome OS dongle par TheExpressNews